FEARZ: catch it on the big screen

Yes, yesterday we launched our show!

A couple of words about the poster – the first version was too simple for my taste, as an illustrator I wanted to make something special. On top of it, these posters will stay in the studio for the next year – worth to put some extra effort!

The best feedback I’ve got on it so far is that it reminds some VHS covers – yes! that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve. Those VHS/videogames covers, badly printed on the cheapest paper. All those ridiculous posters for b-movies with super cheesy headers without any typography rules… Love it!


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FEARZ: waves

Someone mentioned that waves are becoming my “trademark” for my work – and I definitely don’t mind 🙂

In case of doubt draw some waves!

//some studies for the film

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FEARZ: coming soon


This is a fictional story with fictional characters, but the emotions are REAL. 

The film explores the perception of modern fears and phobias, – and how relative they are to each other.

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Show time!!!!

3 hours of character animation, 30+ unique stories, website launch and crazy hardworking people talking about all things animated



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FEARZ: final presentation




I’m glad I managed to finish everything in time (well, almost – still need to make the credits). Damn, it looks good! I’m seriously happy I pushed it that far 🙂


As far as I understood, the presentation went well too – it took me ages to put all the thoughts together, but it was worth spending the night on it. Here is the PDF, hope it makes any sense as I used it mostly to illustrate the talk. FEARZ-prezzz

And some screenshots:

Fearz000 Fearz001Fearz002Fearz005  Fearz003 Fearz006

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FEARZ: vfx

Seriously, drawing all the vfx is a piece of cake – love it!
Thinking about it now, I could probably get away without backgrounds at all and make something more graphical. Oh well, the main reason was to prove myself I could do it – and yes, I can. And it also proved my love, so no time wasted 🙂



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degree show

Almost finished the film, too busy to write.
Meanwhile here’s a little taster for our degree show

23rd to the 28th of June 2015. 12 noon to 8pm (6pm weekends). Private view Tuesday 23rd 6pm till 9pm (Invite only). Industry night 25th of June 6pm till 9pm (no invite needed).

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FEARZ: falling down

Once I figured out the main idea, it’s becoming easier to produce the backgrounds. But this is the last of the biggest files – all the rest will be only compilation of these objects in AE.
Discovered the awesomeness of Smart Objects in Photoshop – it’s like pre-renders in AE! Don’t know why didn’t use it before.


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FEARZ: look inside

Time to work out the “inside part”. It’s interesting how working with the backgrounds helps to clarify the concept whta’s happening on with the Fish and what it is and why it is like that. Basically it eats everything with irritating sounds, trying to get some silence. So I went through the most irritating noises and put those half-eaten objects inside: barking dog, games, phone, crying baby, metal on glass (here we got the sword!), postal horn, industry worker, alarm clock and so on. Will have to give a bit more screen time to show that all but it works well with the overall pacing – here will be a moment of “calmness” before the crazy fight starts.

Those the pink bubbles (moss/disease) is kinda boiling foam, so when the fish gets angry it literally boils. That’s how it will transform from a little cute fish to the monster.
Have to say, at first I was sure that backgrounds are not my thing at all. Then I decided to challenge myself and now I really pleased by the development – not only the actual look (I’m an illustrator after all) but also how those ideas inform the action and special effects, which I would draw any spare minute.


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FEARZ: the look

This week I’ve been working at the backgrounds and props – colours and style are sorted, hooray! Works well with the story and related to my way of drawing (illustration style): line art, strong shapes, psychedelic colours, a bit of “screen-print” look. All in layers, so will be easy to set up parallax effect in AE and enough room for experiments with particles effects, noise and lighting. Obviously PS for all the objects, Flash for movement (silhouettes). Not sure about clean up line animation, hope to keep it in Flash – if not, will have to bring it in PS as well (but I’m seriously hoping not to do that).

Loads of work ahead but at least I have a clear picture in my head where I’m going (finally!).



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