knife story: music and the first animatic

There’s one more exciting thing about this project – we are working together with Guildhall School of Music & Drama. What is more exciting is that we could bring their effort at the very early stage of work (what is usually not happening in real life). Perhaps it’s not the most productive way to come up with the final film, but I’m glad we have an opportunity to experiment.

Since Easter break we’ve been working with Liam Tobin aka. Somatic Waves. He makes the kind of music I like a lot, dark electronic, IDM, breakbeat and dubstepy – I always wanted to create something with that. The fact that we share the same music and visual tastes helped a lot to shape the story as well.

The main concept for the film is to create a piece where the music has the same importance as a story, something in between music video and MTV\LiquidTV-style animation. So, the music is even more important than usual, it has to convey the atmosphere and help to tell the story, but also has to be “cool”.
Huh, it’s a bit of a challenge, because the animation should also fit the main Museum’s brief.

Well, here’s the animatic. Drawings are rough, the same is music but I’m quite happy with the timing. What is most important, the idea got the approval, the story is clear and we know what we’re doing next.

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