knife story: the pitch

Finally, the story started to take a shape.

I was impressed by the idea of speed competition even during our museum visit and the following research helped me to put ideas together.

The character for the story is young Dr.R.Liston (well, his animated incarnation). He’s a smart guy, enthusiastic professional, passionate about his job but slightly arrogant. Every operation for him is a challenge and ‘a duel’, every time he’s trying to beat his own record. For his costume I used a couple of victorian illustrations from operation theatres. His white shirt will help me to keep his siluette clean.

The was he moves reflects his personality. He moves like a ninja – jumping back and forth he reminds both Beethoven and Doc from “Back to the future”. As I planning to experiment with limited “tv-style” animation there will be strong action poses all the time.

The main focus will be at doctor’s action but we’ll definitely need some reaction to it. Here are some secondary characters which will be helping to tell the story: some students, a judge who will time the operation and an assistant who brings the bodies. I will need one more to complete the picture, a patient – it will be drunk sailor.

The film will be flat, highly stylised 2D animation 1 min long (that’s our time limit). Something with “Samurai Jack” attitude, inspired by Mary Blair’s art, Polish posters, Monthy Python’s black humour and some work by Rubber House.

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