Doc’s walk: pencil test

Spent some time getting myself familiar with Doc’s personality, mostly trying to figure out how exactly I want to animate him, testing the workflow and warming up. Also, now I’m not that sure about the colour choices, may be it’s better to limit the palette to shades of gray + a couple of reds.
And it would be much quicker to get it done – what completely makes sense as I have only a month left…

Very-very raw pencil test, just to get an idea:
Actually this test just reminded me how I wanted to experiment with perspective\camera distortions (Bill Plympton\Joanna Quinn style)

Of course I’ll make some layout tests, but looks like I found the direction where I want to go. Siluettes as planned, no outlines (maybe just some), strong flat blacks and more “adult” proportions.

Yes, and it suits the story much better than full colour version.
Haha, sounds like I’m talking to myself, but it’s hard to ask somebody else at 3 am…

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