LIVE: Munich pilgrimage

Aside from the Museum story there’s one more project I’ve been involved.
Continuing the success of our 100WordPilgrimage in London, this time we went to Munich to explore and create new “journey Munich”. All hail to Anna Blumenkranz who made it happen.


Unfortunately I couldn’t come at the early stage to make an illustration, but instead I made four animations for existing artworks and with Wumzum we went to the private view to represent Londoners. #100wordpilgrimage has become a touring project even internationally.


“Collaborating with artists and writers from another country is a great way of analysing your own viewpoint, lifestyle and your creative work. It gives you insight on how expression and communication is different even on a sublet level. London was very much full of illustrators many of which thrive in digital creation. Munich artists contrasted that with a very traditional approach, you can even tell which pieces were made from people who lived here.” – Wumzum


Private view went very well, it was also well covered by press support (again, thanks to Anna). Not to mention how well the augmented reality concept went – it was nice to see how many people went inspired to try something by their own with Aurasma app.

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