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Hiiia! It’s been a while since the last post and all because I’ve been terribly busy (i like it tho, so no excuses, will share some interesting stuff later).

We came back to the course and jumped straight into the new project. This time we’ve got a brief from English National Opera – to create something inspired by one of the operas: Indian Queen or La Traviata. The idea is all of us would create a story proposal and pitch it properly. Ten successful pitches were chosen to take it into the production. Long story short: my story was chosen, I’ve got a team and now I’m a director of an animated film!
Here’s the idea I presented, the process will follow

The animated version of THE INDIAN QUEEN was inspired by Mayan mythology, where zoomorphs (half-humans, half-animals) always played important roles. According to Codexes, they were the first generation of creatures made by gods – and they lived there normal lives in the Underworld before humankind came to the Earth.
Bringing the original plot in surreal context not only gives the story a magical twist but brings forward the clash of cultures and the personal drama of the main heroine.
This is a story about a girl of the ancient race from Mayan Underworld. She is the Princess and, pure at heart, she tries to protect her family and the whole world against the conquest of another race.
But even she was forced married to the leader of the conquest, she failed to save her nation from the aggressive warriors. Despite that, she fell in love to her husband and tries to calm his down. She fails again, and even her beloved daughter, her last hope to recover her native culture, turned out to be a monster, more cruel than her father.


01_queen 02_don-pedro 04_daughter
3-4 minute animated film
2D character animation in Flash
2D objects, backgrounds and textures in Photoshop
Possibly 3D elements in Google Sketchup\Maya
2D visual effects (fire, birds, dust, feathers, blood) in Flash
Smokes and clouds will be generated in After Effects
Lightning and compositing in After Effects

Music and sound
Ideally the music for the story would need to get some “magical
touch” as well – possibly using the original opera soundtrack to
create an electronic mix
There will be no talk in the video

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