ENO: research, moodboard and inspiration

Ahh, almost forgot to post the most important part: links, research and inspiration references

English National Opera: www.eno.org

Indian Queen (the actual opera) www.eno.org/indianqueen


For the research I spent some sunny summer days in our library, reading all I could find about Aztec and Mayan mythology (let’s be honest, I’ve been always interested in such a things). But a couple of books I found particularly interesting: “The Blood of Kings”, where I stumbled upon the most full explanation about zoomorphs and their everyday activities, and “Mexico and American modernism” by Ellen Go Landau, which in a way inspired me to take a route to  patterns and experiments with brushstrokes.

Recently I’ve got this usual question, “where do you get your ideas coming from?”. Apparently I can give a very precise answer – my sketchbook! There’s a little mystery about it – I just put everything that somehow caught my mind in one place, some interesting quotes and facts, random ideas and images, little thumbnails of pictures popping up in the head while reading the brief or talking with someone about the “new exciting project”. Then taking a deep breath and go through pages again and again, trying to connect those dots and distill the most catching idea. Meanwhile go on Pinterest (that’s a trick, i prefer to go there than Google images) and search any keywords you might think related to the project. It helps to sketch out smth from there into the “project sketchbook”. Keep doing that for a while,  and that’s basically it – somehow it always works.05_the-world

For example here’s my working moodboard, and it’s pretty clear what inspired me to this particular project pinterest.com/taneushka/p-eno


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