FEARZ: beginning

Meanwhile the final countdown started – I’m making my final film!

Actually, not film – a film and a video game connected by the same characters, background story and concept. It’s been a very complicated journey to distill the concept into a solid story but finally I managed to make work.


FILM: The main idea behind story is the perception of modern fears – creepy things can’t scare us because the worst thing would be loosing signal of mobile network

GAME: We’re making a classic flat platformer runner game, where each level represents some human fears and modern phobias

The film is a background story of the game, later we can make a short version as a trailer for the game, use some props and designs in the actual game too.

PLOT: A girl brings a little fish to her older brother who obsessed with his phone and paying no attention to her new friend. But the game the boy plays scares the fish and it turns out into a monster and attacks boy’s phone. A boy jumps into that giant fish to get the phone back and fights with weird and creepy monsters only to find there’s no signal inside the fish. [end of the film]

[beginning of the game] Some time later the fish is back and the sister jumps into that fish in order to get her brother back – she will have to overcome and fight through all those fears.

ps. I don’t have a title yet but the codename now is FEARZ.

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