FEARZ: characters (early stages)

Telling the truth, at the beginning I didn’t have a story, only characters. The initial concept was similar – to have something about modern human fears and the idea was to have those characters to fight with them.

My favourite was this girl: absolutely fearless, but socially awkward. She will be the main character for the actual gamegame-girl

Her companion would be a boy with a pet fish: geeky teenager, big fan of videogamesthe-boy

And the fish would be the main coward and superficial drive for the story. The joke is it would be scared of everything and once it freaks out it transforms into dangerous monster giant spiky floating fish, but also scared of everything



I loved the girl (guess she’s my alter-ego, haha), but after some feedback and storytelling workshop, I decided to focus on the boy. I started from thinking about how he found his fish companion, and, after 7 or 8 iterations, I’ve got the solid story. The personalities of the characters haven’t changed much, but the relationships between them are different now.

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