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I believe that everything we do is connected to everything else. For example, last summer I was invited to paint a huge mural for surf school in Portugal. It’s kind of dream job by itself (and, perhaps, the most challenging I had so far) . But what important now is the exploration of visual language and “the look” I want to bring to my current animation. (also there were quite a lot of research regarding the wave’s behaviour which is useful for my story too)


People say I have “a style” – guess I do, but only because I have a habit to analyse my likes and dislikes.

So, for the first presentation of FEARZ  I made this list:

FEARS_prez8After a month of work I have to say I changed my mind only about one point – there WILL be background in my animation. Actually I want to push myself to work more with that – usually I’m too lazy or don’t have time for background art.

In turn, the chosen look explains my choice of software – it will be Flash of course. Same approach as here with spraycans – shapes, neon colours, distortion, flow.


As an offside note here are two more reasons:  2) ENO collaboration forced me to break down to steps my usual workflow in Flash and make it much more effective so I work there quick. 3) I will use the assets I create for animation in the game making process, as backgrounds and props




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