How the question got its mark

Another offside project I’ve been busy with.

Did I mention how lucky I am to have such talented and initiative classmates?  This time Charlie invited me and Mick to take part in quick combo – to make a short animation for the typographic short story. The script was so good that we came up with the style and designs very quick and had no problems to get it to the production. Had to say I didn’t participate in the actual character animation but had a lot of fun with compositing in AE. Plus I’ve got a chance to experiment with kinetic typography and graph editor.

The Question Mark is a literal wonder. But just what goes into shaping this pondering piece of punctuation?
How the Question got its Mark charts the (mostly) true story of the birth of a Question Mark – Where did it come from? How did it get its hunch-back shape? Why is it even here? And just what is a Caret anyway?!
We attempt to explain these, and more, as we reveal just how the Question got its Mark…

Written by Anthony Khaseria
Animation: Tatiana Alisova, Mick Lawrence, Charlie Tetlow
Narrated by: Laura Wolfe
Recorded and Mixed by Christian Lewcock at Maze Hill Shoals Studios
Sound Effects courtesy of

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