FEARZ: look inside

Time to work out the “inside part”. It’s interesting how working with the backgrounds helps to clarify the concept whta’s happening on with the Fish and what it is and why it is like that. Basically it eats everything with irritating sounds, trying to get some silence. So I went through the most irritating noises and put those half-eaten objects inside: barking dog, games, phone, crying baby, metal on glass (here we got the sword!), postal horn, industry worker, alarm clock and so on. Will have to give a bit more screen time to show that all but it works well with the overall pacing – here will be a moment of “calmness” before the crazy fight starts.

Those the pink bubbles (moss/disease) is kinda boiling foam, so when the fish gets angry it literally boils. That’s how it will transform from a little cute fish to the monster.
Have to say, at first I was sure that backgrounds are not my thing at all. Then I decided to challenge myself and now I really pleased by the development – not only the actual look (I’m an illustrator after all) but also how those ideas inform the action and special effects, which I would draw any spare minute.


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