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FEARZ: meet Hector

The very first appearance of my boy. His name is Hector. A bit annoying 13 y.o. boy, not very emotional person, but passionate gamer. Cruel, but cute in his own way. Apparently in Greek mythology, Hector  was a Trojan prince and the … Continue reading

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FEARZ: some inspiration

Stumbled upon this awesomeness! Deep Dark Fears is a Tumblr by California-based animator Fran Krause, in which he takes the fears submitted by his followers and he creates haunting and dream-like comics strips out of them. The short comics range from bizarre, … Continue reading

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animator: Chuck Jones

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a very interesting documentary about Chuck Jones. “What’s up, doc?” – Of course, everybody knows him, even if they didn’t pay attention to the animation at all. Daffy and Bags, my fav … Continue reading

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inspiration: motion graphics

Meanwhile, the VFX Festival is happening this week. I was lucky enough to get there on Tuesday to attend motion graphics workshop. It was really nice and well explained, but can’t say I’ve got much out from there – I … Continue reading

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artist: Thomas Wellmann

Went to Comica Comiket today and apparently got something super cool:How come I didn’t know about Thomas Wellmann before?? Love the story (actually both of them), colour and character design. It reminds me my fav Adventure Time series, and as far as … Continue reading

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animator: Run Wrake

Just realized that I missed  a screening of Run Wrake’s work  this Wednesday. Sadly he passed away last year and that was in his memory. I remember being mesmerized by his animations on MTV – it was something I’ve never seen before. Love his … Continue reading

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